Follow the Money?— Hah, It’s Stalking You

Deutsche Bank got caught in a $10B Russian money laundering scheme and paid a $630M fine— around the same time Justice Kennedy’s son at Deutsche Bank was loaning Trump over a billion dollars—when no other bank would touch him.

Just coincidence: Kennedy’s sudden departure from the Supreme Court bench just prior to the midterm elections while Trump is under Federal investigation for treasonous conspiracy with the Russians— and now he gets to pick his own judge.

Obviously, nothing to see here.

Harley Har Har

Snopes says the Harley Davidson CEO did not call Trump a moron, which is anyway an important fucking adjective short of what Rex Tillerson DID call him.

Trump’s trade war sent Harley packing overseas.The US’s largest nail manufacturer is brinking on bankruptcy from Trump’s “war.’

These guys voted for him. Did they not notice bankruptcy is his business model?

Mistaken Reality

Reality Winner is the name of this young woman. She worked for the NSA and leaked documentation of multiple Russian attempts to manipulate state and local electoral boards during the 2016 election.

Reality Winner is going to jail for violating the espionage act by sending the information to a media outlet. She believed the public should know Russians hacked our presidential election.

2018’s reality is a fraudulent US president installed by a foreign government, enabled by a corrupt Congress. Our rights, environment and treasury are being annihilated.

“Reality Winner” is a surreally perfect name for somebody prosecuted by illicit, deranged reality for demonstrating the practice of its opposite: moral sanity.