Defacing Comics

It’s not really kosher drawing over another guy’s cartoon, but other guys with jobs on newspapers with editors who are unable to discern normal politics from this season of feral partisan insanity might not mind the “enhancement.”

(The original simply repeated “Hillary Clinton” on all three books.)

Squirrels Have Limits

End-of-our-limb times need a spokesquirrel.

16 Going On Immortal

“I’m not neglecting my homework but right now I’m busy saving the planet and it could take awhile because adults are selfish, unfocused and spoiled beyond belief— not that that’s going to discourage me. You wouldn’t leave a child playing in a burning house and somebody’s got to fetch them back to their senses before the planet is doomed for good.”

Where’s the Decency?

An acquaintance from North Carolina (I’ll call him “John”) bemoaned the depths of depravity the President’s enemies will stoop to, including looking at his tax returns. Which Trump repeatedly promised he’d show. Like the past half-centuries’ Presidents did.

After asserting “This is simply ‘Russian collusion’ under another guise,” one of John’s friends wondered if he belonged to the Kool-Aid Flavor of the Month Club.

John replied “Of course.” It is impossible to know if sarcasm was being used.