New! Improved!

New Year’s is a good time to be thankful. A sage once said “an attitude of gratefulness purges maladies”— or was it was mallomars? That’d be bad. Concentrate.
    • Here’s to the internet, a universe of ever-expanding wonders unless Comcast gets its way.
    • Here’s to beaming children who do stuff we wish we still could and make us wonder why the hell not.
    • Here’s to the buzzed, who shall entertain us and to the sober who shall drive us home.
    • Here’s to those lost or in harm’s way; may paths be lit for them.
    • Here’s to the severe— to those who’ve earned the rank earnestly.
    • Here’s to the chastened, the learned, the waking dreamers. 
    • Here’s to nature; there exists no more noble or decorated evidence of God.

    Here’s to the relentless, reckless monkeyshines of love.

    Playing at a Voting Booth Near You

    (For the Yiddish-impaired: Mensch means human, in a
    sort of Jedi way.)

    The Star Wars franchise actually became the Empire for awhile and it sucked.

    Listen, the Dark Side gets a cut of the gross no matter what, but even they have to admit something sucks when business sucks.

    Good guys who never give in, never sell out and have an actual working shit detector came in and saved the day again.

    Sure, it’s only the movies, but what a story.