Einstein Was On About Bees, Too

Einstein fretted about frogs but he banged on about  bees, too.

Hives die—planet dies, what’s for supper?
You’d think Al might have fixed his attention on why they supposedly can’t fly. How bee aerodynamics defy physics. You’d expect Einstein might have come up with a Special Theory on Bee Flight. No.

Albert studied global ecosystem determinants and narrowed down the harbinger of doom to when frogs and bees start disappearing. Which if you’ve been paying attention is happening.
Naturally, a worldwide initiative was immediately mounted to ignore this problem. It’s not like such information can be applied to anything useful, like blowing shit up.

So don’t try taking Einstein’s case of imminent biological collapse on account of defiantly airborne honey junky genocide to any serious business investors.
Bees equal empty stares.

Funnier in the New Yorker

Not so funny to the New Yorker though. Submitted it to them and got rejected. Actually, ignored. They didn’t even use the SSAE. My net profit on half a dozen cartoons is minus $1.42 in stamps. Maybe they’re touchy about cartoons lampooning their crowd-source gag-writer thing.
That back-page cartoon caption contest has driven ninety-four professional cartoonists to suicide.
That’s high, even for professional cartoonists.

Hey, if cartoonists wanted to create something all by themselves that thousands of random armchair intellectuals couldn’t improve, they should’ve been rocket scientists or gymnasts or something.