Courting Fame

 ...and double-dating its ugly sister.

Those 20th Century Sci-Fi Authors?

...they were writing about now.

It’s Not the Personal Hygiene

 Your bio’s just got no rhythm whatsoever.

The Lost Parenting Tips of Ayn Rand

“Objectivism” is a philosophy a two-year old can understand.
It is in fact the essence of two-year old thought:  
I want what I want.
Useless to argue, simple to understand.
Then there’s the tantrum—hard to ignore.
Screw 12 steps, Objectivism goes straight to bargaining and stops there. “You want it, I’ve got it, what’ve YOU got for ME?”
You have replaced noise with reason.
You have set your baby’s feet on the path to success and dominance.
This can be accomplished even before successful toilet training.