Back in the 90s

A certain theater club in Manhattan was a little over a hundred years
old in the 1990s, and with “Comedy” in its name, it was begging for a
comic strip. Two guys were conspicuous lead character choices.
They were and were not amused.

Smoking was pretty commonplace in 1998 when this strip happened:
...referencing some political peccadilloes of the time—

...while the smoking thing was beginning to look so last century...

The strip ran in the club newsletter, and paralleled a show running at the time, “Terra Nova.’

...but golf was a competing passionate preoccupation

...that insistently recurred — golf being golf...
But our flesh and blood inspirations were not to see the millennium, and each died within a year of one another— not that that could impede their immortal memory for us...
At the top of the clubhouse stairs, this accompanies a memorial photo of them:
...while the strip continued to run whenever the spirit moved its peripatetic cartoonist...

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