Cheese Diversions

(Continuing a look back at a comic strip for a small universe)
It was the winter of ’99-2000.
The club was feeling the loss of its two great lights and still carrying on, festooning, garlanding and tippling as Christmas and New Year’s approached.
It seemed a little raw to have the strip feature our departed friends, so a couple of other resident curmudgeons made an appearance for a short series that got its start from some larky Green Room banter during those well-lubricated millennial holidays. Ol’ Chardie was getting ready for his 70th birthday party. And he really did have a cheesewheel the size of an SUV tire.
This was a rare instance where actual names were used (protecting the innocent presupposes there are innocents)—and in the strip below the cartoonist digressed even more than usual in drawing style to invoke some club caricatures for the spoof. The guy who concocted the idea of the Weremouse is betrayed below by gratuitously bad dialog

...But the weremouse gag segued ultimately back to our prime protagonists... and inevitably golf...

...strictly speaking, we kind of left Chardie in the wilderness, but he loved being a weremouse for awhile.

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