Banksy Shreds It

With his most recent thumb in the eye of “legitimacy” by instantly shredding his $1.4m art at the Sotheby’s auction— and the clueless blithering of some critics, it’s worth revisiting a review of Banksy’s 2010 film.

For Those at Home Keeping Score

What’s fascinating in doing meme posts that rise in increasing alarm at the increasing approach of irreversible harm to every freedom we assume is inviolate is knowing how few will actually realize those freedoms are gone until they themselves fall into the hands of deranged men to whom they’ve given unconstrained power by their silent consent.

You’ll never take anything for granted after it’s gone. Until it’s too late. It’ll be too late after Kavanaugh.

Memory Refresher opposed to booze-fueled teenage romps and rape attempts.

Not Even Pretending Anymore

It would be a shame if we deliberately installed an actual, declared imperialist lapdog on the Supreme Court.

But there is this problem: the Congressional Republicans are beyond all shame.


gonna be



Now Clocking at 79 LPD

Yes, the perjuring potus has hit a new high according to the Washington Post: 79 lies per day (LPD).

One news outlet— the Toronto Star— found it necessary to create a dedicated metric to document Trump’s daily deceit onslaught. The sheer volume of lies was too overwhelming to comprehend without a better quantifier, so they came up with a “dishonesty density” index.

Scatologists are said to be helping the journal further refine Donald’s daily eliminations by texture, odor and resistance to disinfectant.

This Guy

Ever since the federal government made hateful, unjust laws in the 1950s saying that school segregation is illegal, this guy got super, super busy.

He worked for the University of Virginia and the Koch brothers inventing a system of economics to restore America to slave ownership.

Wikipedia cites his approach to economic analysis thusly: “His work in public choice theory is often interpreted as the quintessential instance of economics imperialism

Notice he named a program that is exactly the reverse of democratic public will “public choice theory.” This diabolically simple marketing technique straight out of Orwell is how stuff gets done in America!

Recommended reading: “Democracy in Chains.”

Mr DeMille Is NOT Ready

The things ants do when “cheese” is mentioned.

A Neighborly Reminder

Everything you need to know about him in a single word.

The Regime’s First Banned Book

The interesting times we live in make fine entertainment and fine conditions for the quiet demolition of every single assumed right of every single unassuming screen-obsessed, conflict-averse citizen immune to the death-throe shudders of democracy.

When we say “mob rule,” is it rioting in the streets or wanton anarchist chaos?— no, it’s a day at the White House where the occupant obsesses about squealers and rats and getting the Feds off his back.

When we say “Republican legislator” we mean scheming cohorts in expensive suits twisting every law, yanking every lever and extracting every cent from the People’s treasury to keep themselves and the boss in power.

The last slim hopes before we’re subjects of an eastern bloc autocracy are fading. The mob’s assumed immunity to prosecution is riveting entertainment. Read on, here.

It Took a Woman

Not one Senator, not a single member of Congress or anyone in the cabinet did bupkis when the infantile tyrant in the White House refused to fly the flag at half-mast for fallen war hero and Senator, John McCain.

Denise Rohan, the Commander of the American Legion called him out on this inconceivable breach of protocol— and he reversed course and complied.

NEW Car Salesman

Yep, the car’s for real and actually looks like that.

The headline about the car and the photo of the car itself are real— the rest is only as unreal as an average day in a world where Donald Trump remains at large.