Not a Christmassy Kind of Elf

Pre-indicted US Attorney General Sessions miffed by rejection.

“Depriving police of this income source is cruel and unusual punishment, as expressly forbidden by the constitution,” he said, stomping his little feet and turning a deep magnolia shade of pink.

Yahoo News

Bast Guess

I remember the schwa (ə).

It’s the “eh” sound.

“Whatever” is now a byword but nobody says “eh” anymore?

Somehow, tan colors of the rainbow strikes me as eh.

Another Artist Drew This

I’d credit the artist if I could find him/her.

A photo of the credited WH spokeswoman has been added for verisimilitude.

Ten Second Time Waste

Somebody claimed the answer is 15, but he’s not reliable.

Answer comes up in about ten seconds.

Venngeance Diagram

The really
useful bit’s
the center.

But we’re
prone to chew
around the edges.