Illusion-Free Presidents Day

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cool with that.

Why Cows Don’t Need More Hormones

I could’ve done something original for Valentine’s Day but instead I stole this from somebody’s FaceBook page.

Probably Not What You Actually Want Illustrated

...too bad.

Too, too


At Least Mussolini Made the Trains Run on Time

A stable genius time check
The reality of the 1930s was that fascist leaders actually had to do something that benefited the people in order to get elected.

Now, Americans see reality as “virtual” or with “show” appended. A leader is anyone famous; say a loud, flashy boar firing hapless underlings. “Reality” is ideally entertainment that projects our rage and contempt onto someone else.

Which is why Trump, an infamous serial swindler who gamed a corrupt system and benefited only himself, was enough. If the system is a sewer, Americans figure you obviously vote for the biggest turd.

Button Heads

Artist: Dario Castillejos, Mexico

Supply a Caption

...or a backstory, fable, relationship arc— make what you will of this pair and put it into words.

I’d do it for you, but that wouldn’t help. You need to work it out yourself; understand what you’re seeing and honestly say what it is.

It’s practically impossible to get it wrong, no matter what you come up with, as long as “cur,” “turd” and “Lindsey” feature in your description.