New! Improved!

New Year’s is a good time to be thankful. A sage once said “an attitude of gratefulness purges maladies”— or was it was mallomars? That’d be bad. Concentrate.
    • Here’s to the internet, a universe of ever-expanding wonders unless Comcast gets its way.
    • Here’s to beaming children who do stuff we wish we still could and make us wonder why the hell not.
    • Here’s to the buzzed, who shall entertain us and to the sober who shall drive us home.
    • Here’s to those lost or in harm’s way; may paths be lit for them.
    • Here’s to the severe— to those who’ve earned the rank earnestly.
    • Here’s to the chastened, the learned, the waking dreamers. 
    • Here’s to nature; there exists no more noble or decorated evidence of God.

    Here’s to the relentless, reckless monkeyshines of love.

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