Oldie Goldie

Six years ago— how time flies when the full faith and trust of the richest
country in the world is up for plunder. What’s the ruble trading at?

Huey Makes Another Appearance

he has a twin
named Cryee.

Their leadership 
skills are just 

I’m not kidding 

Their History

Headline could be a homonym typo, it happens a lot.

Sponsor Opportunity

Thinking Utz, the
first chip maker
in America!

Next to Zud, Utz
is the best product
name ever.

The lines are

Fatal Fish Tale

In one vivid eternal split-second, Del realized his life-long quest for the perfect lure, a moment from his secret trout stream’s turn-off.

Privateering National Parks: Yes, They Can

Teddy Roosevelt established the National Park system and wouldn’t be amused.
A group of 20 senators and representatives has formed a de facto “anti-parks caucus” in Congress and is waging the most significant legislative and ideological challenge to America’s national parks in decades, says a new report released Monday by the Center for American Progress. The analysis finds that this anti-parks caucus is composed of less than five percent of Congress but is responsible for introducing dozens of bills to block the creation of new national parks, end America’s most effective parks program, and sell off public lands.”

“Thanks to support from the Koch-backed American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) and front groups for the oil industry’s PR giant, Richard Berman, as well as increasing lobbying by the Utah-based American Lands Council, these proposals have now gained prominence at the national level.”