Dr. Carson’s Medicine Show for Kids

Cartoon characters who object to being drawn that way are running for President pursuant to Hype 1.0 alpha version Ronnie Reagan who conquered communism in his pajamas.

The mid 90s full release of Hype 1.0 mandated impeachment starts 48 hours after any Democrat’s Presidential inauguration; Hype 1.8 was a bug fix letting five Supreme Court votes elect Dubya and Hype 2.0 reelected him with a Diebold patch. Hype 3.0 was a quantum leap invaliding any President named Obama and black.

We now have Hype 4.0 which rewrites all forgoing bigoted code as coded non-bigotry when spoken in a soft voice by a cartoon black candidate of Republican extraction.

Hype 4.0’s reported glitches are vigorously disputed as “not very nice” by Dr. Carson, who has withdrawn from active campaigning to do a children’s morning TV show in his pajamas until the election in November 2016.

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