Afterlife FAQs

If you don’t find what you’re looking for, make something up.

Why do we die?
“Same old” would be an eternal curse without death. We need the fertilizer and the space.
Is there a God?
If you want. Life’s a better game with referee.
Why so many religions?
Why so many sports? Or races, languages, flora, music, insect species? Why is it unfair to answer a question with a question?
Which religion is right?
The one whose snowballs survive hell.
Original sin?
Originality is up to the porter’s imagination.  If guilt keeps knocking, sin was involved.
Do atheists have an afterlife?
They make just as good fertilizer as televangelists.
Heaven / Hell?
Two-sided coin. One’s definitely better. Your call.
Good and evil?
The weakest intelligence interprets their enemies as evil. The sorriest lot is the crowd inflicting their idea of the almighty good.
Glad you asked.
As great a lesson in fertilizer as Michele Bachmann orating.
The highest intellects say energy never dies, who are we to argue?
What’s the meaning of life?
What’s the meaning of a cupcake if you only devour it to make fertilizer? Share your cupcake, think it over together.